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From Stillness, To Bliss

Thin air was uncomfortably calm and still. Wondered whether it was the calmness that made it morose or was the stillness spelling the gloom. May be it had been lingering in limbo for eternity, setting up this sad calmness and stillness. There was no clue where this thin floating air had been the last night, or for that matter for millions of nights before that, and how far had it travelled since it came into being.

But it was its journey in next few moments that made it immortal, and took it beyond gloom, to consummate it to serene pious heavenly bliss.

It was a hollow dark cylindrical enclosure with an ugly inflated belly. And had this dry old leather piece on it, tied up tightly with ropes all around. And they had two of them. Thin air in it had been suffocating itself to death for a long time now, but somehow every time it managed to not to give up. It had some purpose to serve before fading out. Then there was this big hollow hemisphere looking desolate in company of a long trunk with no head or tail. It had been stuck with the trunk firmly, and had these metal strings flowing all over it. Some thought how good it would have been to have a complete spheroid; it would have at least rolled itself out of this stillness. But that was not to happen, as it would have gathered no moss. Better keep sticking, for it knew it had a job to do. A nervous shy stick was lying unnoticed in one corner. No one knew since when it had turned hollow with holes all over on it. It had lost its stoutness long ago. Wonder if it feared breaking down any point. Thanks to the stillness, it remained as it is for ages, fragile but resolute.

Then one day, the stillness was shattered!

All it took was a fresh breath. It emerged from the depth of the long sticky wind-pipe of an honest true soul, which was drenched in blessings from heaven. It certainly must have got some out-of-this-world virtues that it was showered with these pleasures. It was totally soaked in the bright yellow sun and was shining in the silver cold moon-light, all at the same time, like fresh green grass getting washed off of all its sins in the first rains. In a moment this fresh breath was out of the wet chords and was on its way to immorality, to eternity, to bliss. It struck out as if it always knew what destiny had written for it. It didn’t need a direction; it knew its destination. It started alone, and was spearing its way ahead.

It turned left and saw a breeze joining it. It had just emerged out of a quick tremble of knuckles. The ugly empty cylinder had been hit by a series of splash. The leather on it was hit out of its standstill with a sequence of jolts. And it shivered, and quivered, and finally got in the groove. Breeze echoed within the cylinder for a while and soon found its highs and lows. Next moment, it was flowing with the fresh breath all over the place. Breath and breeze made a synchronization, which was creating their own crests and troughs.

As they were emerging out of their slumber, another gust of excited thin air crashed into them. For a moment, they thought it was a chaos, but soon they realized that they were actually flowing together. Like the white shiny bubbles on a high tide, this gust had its steps going with the breath and breeze. It had taken birth just a moment back – when the stiff strings had got a prick on them. And with it the ugly hemisphere with a trunk was tickled out of its numbness. And that was all that was needed to make set this gust of thin air abuzz. It flowed as if it had no tomorrow, and was already striking the right tones with breath and breeze. Breath had started alone, and now had a rhyming company.

Stillness was shattered, and so was the nervousness of the stick. A spirit had entered it, and made it come alive. A sole spirit entered the stick and got split in many currents, each finding its own exit. But before it left through the hole, it had transformed forever.  It never felt so light and free, and clung on each current as a misty fog hugging shamelessly and tightly the sleepy valleys on winter daybreaks. And as daybreaks turn into day and sun spreads its sparkle, this shameless hug loosens up, only to break up the yellow sunrays into a romantic extend of seven colors over the moist dew. Just like that, as the spirit surged and ebbed on the current, it soon found itself moving in same plain of the breath and breeze and gust, spirit got dispersed in multiple currents and disappeared, only to keep reappearing at the tops and bottoms of crests and troughs.

It was a pleasure to watch this army marching all over the place. It showed perfect discipline and at the same time was free as a bird gliding on its wings and wills. No tone was amiss; no tone was out of order. It rose with same pride as the humility with which it fell. Every stroke was blended as it never was disconnected. It filled up the vacuum, it filled up the gloom, it was all over, and was conquering every inch of that moroseness with sheer pleasure. It was like touch of Midas, everything it touched turned into a heavenly harmony; every small thing it came in contact was set into a delightful rhythm of dance; each tiny particle of any and everything had stepped in tune with it. Nothing could have been more in-sync and satisfying and content to witness. It flowed through effortlessly and finally entered a small tunnel of flesh; and hit a thin wall. With that hit, that wall turned into curtains; and began moving and dancing on the wild wind from jungle. Like the Cuckoo signaling rain and pleasure, the dancing curtains of ear drums signaled its master brain that it had guests. Vocal, Tabla, Sitar and Basuri, all had come together, the rhythm had arrived!

And I heard somebody uttering “MUSIC”!


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Long time back when we were leaving school to move on to the more ‘happening’ world of college, we had these slam books which we got filled from friends and filled for friends. Back then as young hearts setting out of schools in search of life and love, when we answered questions like “what is love” and “who is your ideal partner” and “where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now” we actually thought we knew all these answers.

Since then a lot has passed …

Kajol caught up with her love running faster than train in her 50kgs lahanga;

Hrithik took another birth to dance his life out on one leg to get her love say pyar hai;

Preity Zinta answered all “jaane kyun” questions of Aamir and got him to see his love in an opera;

Saif lured Rani with stupid HUMty – TUMty cartoons;

Salman with his Buffalo hair-cut went mad shouting “Tere Naam”;

Shaheed kissed Kareena on mobile phone and then watch silently Jab She Met Saif;

Ranzhod ka Pappu Rathor finally overcame his confusion of whether it is love of not;

and many more….

With every new phase of life, more complexities of life were exposed, more myths were broken, and newer realities of this thing called relationships were stumbled upon!

And with that came a new set of answers to these same old set of questions.

And now when I got tagged by Anupama (which she says should be taken as compliment), I realized that these questions remain, and we are still answering! So here’s one more try, thanks to the love-tag!

RULE #1 People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

RULE #2 Tag 6 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

1. If your lover betrayed you what would your reaction be?
If something leaves you and doesn’t come back, it was never yours. I would believe that my lover must have got a better deal than me, and also that I deserve someone better. I will move on with my life.

Bus, Naukari aur chokri ke peeche kabhi nahi daudna … ek gayi, dusri aati hai. 🙂

2. What’s it that you see in an ideal partner?
Someone who understands me more than myself. And by same definition, somebody who thinks I am her ideal partner.

3. What, according to you, is the perfect date?
25th June 1981

One which makes the dating couple count the moments they will have to be alone before they are going to meet again.

4. Would you like to have children soon enough? Or would you wait till your mid-thirties for the first child?
One thing at a time!

Let me manage to get married first. (and the well-cultured guy I am, getting laid comes after that)

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
There is no harm in falling in love with your best friend. I believe one has to be a friend before being lover. May be it’s in the way one defines friend.

6. Which is more blessed: loving someone or being loved by someone?
Loving someone. It brings out best of me. The person loved unconditionally does not always deserve that love, leave aside being blessed. But the person loving someone unconditionally will always experience divine bliss in doing that, and he/she has to be blessed for that.

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you love?
If you can’t wait, you are not actually in love.

8. If the person you secretly like is attached, what will you do?
Well, if you really like someone, you would always want that person to be happy, wherever she finds that happiness. I will continue liking her, and will be happy letting her be happy with her attachment.

9. What do you think are the foundation stones of a good relationship?
Mutual trust and respect, belief and space for individuality.

10. What according to you is the most beautiful thing about relationships or marriage?
Knowing that someone loves you beyond all limits and you too do the same…

Knowing that tomorrow you may lose everything that you have, but your partner is still going to be with you.

Knowing that he/she is yours!

11. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?
Happily married to the most beautiful woman in entire world with the cutest kid in the world. That will make me the happiest person in world.

12. What’s your fear?
Being misunderstood by the person you love.

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Mature, understanding, gifted with beautiful thoughts and possessing ability to express them more beautifully.

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married and poor?
I don’t think these are two mutually independent events. But assuming that they are, I would prefer being married happily and poor. A combo of unhappy marriage and poverty will be a nightmare!

15. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously who will you pick?
First come, first served!

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
Yes. If you are not, you are not actually in a relationship.

17. Would you forgive and forget someone no matter how horrible a thing he has done?
Yes. It would be stupid to fret and lose your peace of mind for someone who didn’t even think once before hurting me. I will forgive the person and forget the event, but keep the lesson with me forever.

18. Do you prefer being single or in a relationship?
I guess the transient period of moving into a relationship would be the most exciting and beautiful.

19. Your all time favourite song. Only ONE. And why?
Jab koi baat bigad jaaye from Jurm. That’s what love is!

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Creativity knows no bounds. And its applications are also unimaginable. Tonight I landed up in the Spam folder of my mailbox and got a taste of really amazing applicaitons of creativity. Presenting here are few of them:

But before I begin, here is the sensitivity disclaimer: This post is only for Mature adults. I have tried my best to retain the originality of content, which might get a bit too graphical for a sensitive soul. Apologies in advance :-).

So here we go….

1) A girl named Jenny mails me with this matter:
“Hi there,
One of your friends told me about you. My name is Amy and I live in the same town as you. Your friend told me you are single for now and I thought you are available for a chat. Feel free to contact me via my Blog because this is my Sister email address.
Sweet kisses,

I am going to thank for lifetime this unknown friend of mine who has done such a life-saving act to me. A friend in need is friend indeed! 🙂

2) This one goes with just one single line –
“Upsize your manhood! ”
Man, what a sweeping statement! This guy certainly seems to be deriving a lot of inspiration from the current economic turmoil where many downsizing (or being politically correct – right-sizing) is happening. Manhood has to be upsized in such times! Come what may!

And he follows it up with another mail with populist message – “Become women’s idol”
Now if you are doing such great things to manhood, one ought to become women’s idol. God knows what all uses this idol will be put through 🙂

3) Sergey Setegreu is offering me 60% discount in its subject line. Tempting offer, isn’t it? Promptly I go to mail to find whats on offer and read this:
“Make her long for you every night.
No clue about what is being discounted here 60%. But notice the url. I really respect Sergey. He must be from WHO or Govt’s family planning dept., doing this great work for the humanity. May be now we can make a guess about what is being discounted here.

4) Ryan’s pharmacy seems to be really interesting people to talk to. First they send me a mail with subject:
“Never be small and tiny again”.
And then immediately follow it up with another one with subject:
“So big that she will be scared”.
Now what do we make of this now? Girl first walks out of bedroom because it’s small and tiny; and then after this guy has had this supernatural thing from Ryan’s, when girl returns back, she runs away again getting scared???

5) And the Nobel prize for creative spamming goes to this mail from Zachary Mason:
Subject is – “A key to her bedroom is in your pants!!!”
And not to let you down, he follows up with a mail saying
“With these new measurements of your manliness you will dance in the sheets tll dawn”
Wattay! I am speechless!

And yes, before I close, one last one (could not resist mentioning this one)
Deesh writes to me – “Make your pants dragon huge and rock hard”


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A lonely walk in the yellow light, yellow soiled leaves under his feet,
Misty nights with damp green shadows – dark, cold and moonlit.
Hollow thoughts with heavy steps, down-headed, he again heads for nowhere.
Waiting not for anything, wishing nothing, feeling nothing and missing neither.
Strolling not into his past, wading not through his present, neither striding into future.
Just the moment, living by it, moment by moment, here there and everywhere.

He looks up the way ahead – brightly lit, perfectly calm, not a soul around; he feels her!
A sharp smile and bright sparkle in the eye; she looks deep into him and stirs him.
He feels her – again, he sees her footsteps besides his, feels her warmth beside him.
She leans on his shoulder and speaks that joke in his ears.
But before she finishes it, she bursts into laughter on her own, and he smiles at her.
And then next moment, she comes to him again, again leans on his shoulder.
This time she speaks nothing; just holds his arm and stays close.
He does not look at her; he knows she isn’t as well.
They walk for a while and then she leaves.
She stops for a while, looks at him, and says nothing again.
And as the moon dies in the west, she turns back and walks off, off forever.
He watches her going, looking at her back as she goes beyond that turn.
She is gone, and he knows not – whether he is stranded there or beyond that, she!

He comes to this turn every night, and waits for her breaths.
He feels her beyond that turn, waits for her laughter, hears it, and moves ahead.
Hope leads him but his feet don’t; did he wait at that turn he doesn’t know.
Maybe he did, maybe he never, but he came to it every night.
Standing at turn, he still felt her – though a bit afar; and waited for world to move.
And lessen the distance, the space, and straighten the turn.

And one night, turn straightened, and he had his eyes far beyond it now.
But her voices were none, neither her warmth, and nor she.
She had left, leaving behind circled footsteps and soiled leaves!

Tonight he is at the same turn, but he does not turn along it.
It has been straightened for life; and now as he wades through it.
Every night, not finding anything but the same lesson,
which he learns every night, which every day makes him unlearn.
A hollow thought lying low, a hollow thought standing upright.
Together fill up the vacuum, with hollowness infinite.
The more he gathers, the more he scatters, and now he knows for sure.
There’s no turn now, but he is stranded there forever!

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Entrepreneurship is really fun.

For last 2 months or so, I have been breaking my bald head on devising the right pitch to get an Angle investor interested in my entrepreneurial venture. (An Angel investor is a guy who funds a business in its early stage, when the business is more of an idea, a value proposition that any value actually being delivered.)

Records say that the much-sought after angels are actually like real angels, very rare to find. Even if you get hold of one, its more difficult to convince them.

Every entrepreneur feels he is smarter than Sergey Bin/Larry Page and his company is the Google-killer everybody is so dearly waiting for. I also fall in this category. But point to note that 1 out of 10 such believers actually manages to see the belief through to the end and strike gold.

With this in mind for last 2-3 months, today when I was just surfing a blog on Salma Hayek’s movies, I came across her movie titled “Fools Rush In”, which is based on the popular phrase “Where Angels fear to tread, Fools rush in“. Next moment I was ROTFL. 🙂

I better find an Angel for my business soon!

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Where To?

If you dont know where you are going, any road will take you there.
And if you know where you are heading to, you will always make or find a way to it.
In any case, you will reach the destination. You dont have much choice there.
All you need to do is to choose the right destination!

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Colours of Life

Tender heart, tender thought,
Big big eyes, not piercing, but curious a lot.
From my mother’s arms, I saw with zero emotion,
Flowers abound, and a butterfly in motion.
Were they of flowers numerous, or of wings that on them danced,
Whatever they were, I learnt, colours were they called.
And I had no clue ever what they meant.

Slender hand, slender deed,
Big big moves, curious now, but with no greed.
No, not emotion yet, but yes, a bit of ambition,
Standing on my feet, limbs now got in action.
I ran after the butterfly sucking nectar of that flower,
Quicker, sharp as I was here, smarter enough were the wings over there.
But deeds were mine, and I was a human,
Netted finally did I those colours!
But tender still were the beats of heart,
And butterfly was back in sky.
And as I waived it a good-bye,
Lines of palm found new shades near-by.
Listless still, I knew not what the truths were and what were the lies,
Of colours on my hand and of wings up there in skies.

Grander expectations, grander goals,
Big big ego, yours, mine and of all souls.
No more flowers, no more butterflies,
Eagle here, eagle there, eagle me up there in the skies.
Higher the ascent, wider the wing-spread,
Bigger were the flowers under my shade.
Colours of flowers still holding, nectar sweet still flowing,
Was that my deed? No, I know not!
But ahead of the sun, I found a new set of shades now,
Magnificent more, and arranged, rainbow arched all colours.
Higher went my flight, to touch and feel them,
Oblivious still, although, of what those colours meant!

Cooler blood, cooler fist,
Big big breathes, spilling the entire gist.
Beyond the rainbow, on the path of retreat never,
Was that my heart, or my tail on fire?
The closer I was of the burning ball, view got only better,
Colour all came together, blend formed they a stronger.
And they were all one, colours now nowhere,
One WHITE it was, clean, pious, spotless and pure!
Mindless again, I knew not an iota again,
But knew I that it was a colour again!

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