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Facebook recently released their intern Paul Butler’s work – “Facebook Connection Map”. It’s an interesting way of looking at how people are connected on Facebook. I took a closer look at how these connections are for India on Facebook and found some interesting things to point out. Here they are:

India – Pakistan:

Offline animosity of India and Pakistan continues over Facebook also. There aren’t many connections between two countries. However it’s noticeable that strongest linkages between two countries are of:

  1. Karachi – Mumbai
  2. Karachi – Delhi
  3. Srinagar – Islamabad/Rawalpindi
  4. Lahore – Indian Punjab

No surprises here, eh? Certainly not for the Karachi Connections 🙂

South vs North India:

South India is much better connected than North. Besides Delhi, Lucknow – Kanpur and Jaipur, North does not have much to speak. Whereas the triangle of Bangalore – Chennai – Hyderabad is super connected with each other. Also whole of coastal Kerala is quite connected, among itself and also to Gulf. Again, no surprises, eh? 🙂

Chennai – Truly South India:

Delhi is well connected with Hyderabad and Bangalore, but not with Chennai. Talks a lot about why Chennai specifically represents the South India than the other two cities – distinctly different and still very regional to become a cosmo city like Bangalore or Mumbai.

Cities hunt in pairs:

Bangalore – Mysore, Mumbai – Pune, Ahmedabad – Surat – Baroda, Lucknow – Kanpur, Indore – Bhopal, Nagpur – Raipur, Hyderabad – Vizag connection is very evident. Just like pace bowlers in cricket, cities also grow in pairs. 🙂

Facebook is still blue, no red on it… yet:

And yes, thankfully naxals are not on Facebook. Big hole in Dandkaranya and interiors of Bihar – UP  makes Facebook a safe place to be 🙂

For reference, here’s the complete world map:


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