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“Life is all that happens when we are busy planning for it”

I had heard this way back, and had smiled at it. Being the person that I am, I smiled thinking how people living their lives on their own terms would laugh upon this and say its not true. They will laugh on people who plan, plan and plan but never act. Never get enough momentum, enough reason to get their plans in action. And meanwhile life takes its own turns and twists, making all their plans useless in one stroke. Many people refer to this as luck!

Then there are people who plan things really deep… deep to the extent of making it a totally foolproof plan. Problem with foolproof plans is that it strives on plan B and plan C, which are not really foolproof. So when your foolproof plan fails because of luck or “acts of God”, they blame externalities and go to plan B and plan C. But they don’t just to plan B and C, then panic and rush to these B and C plans, they often miss out planning the movement to plan B and C, and hence though they have backup plans, these backup plans backfire stupendously. When their master plan fails, their confidence on their own planning skills, their execution capabilities take a hit, and this gives a severe blow to the execution of plan B and C. So however good is their backup plan, they don’t get to execute it the way they would have loved to.

So then is what this quote says true – does really life is all that happens when we are busy planning for it? Does really planning ever helps in life?

I would say, it helps when you do it at broad levels. While it is always good to plan things to tee, it should be done when you have parameters on which success of plan depends in your control, or plan to get them under your control. Given the externalities that life throws at you at every other moment, it’s best to plan for broad objectives that you want to achieve, and leave the “reaching there” part to the doer when he is doing it on field. Plan for distance that you can see and visualize sitting at your couch, but not for the potholes and blind turns that you don’t know are present there on those roads. Let your better sense of judgment and common sense tackle these twists and turns on ground. Keeping an eye on the big picture will be sufficient to direct you through these unexpected events on your planned track.

So there you are… I had not planned this blog post word by word, but it happened as I started writing. So plan your life to the level that you always know what direction you need to take at every fork on road. No point in planning to drive down the road but not knowing which turn to take! Plan what you can plan, and be ready to take on what you cannot plan.


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