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It’s not only with blonde, but at times the much-acclaimed, multi-million dollars algos running multi-million dollar sites can also turn out to be totally dumb. Cleartrip gave me a wonderful example of this today.

I was checking for tickets for return trip from Pune to Ahmedabad and Cleartrip came up with the best price offer for the trip. It was indeed the lowest fare possible, just that it needed me to jump from one aircraft onto other in the sky. Cleartrip’s super intelligent algo suggested that I should take 07:55am flight from Pune reaching Ahmedabad at 09:05am; and guess what, start return journey from Ahmedabad at 08:45am!!! Check this screenshot. 

Best case for me to do this would be to the Akshay-Kumar style dare-devil act of jumping from one plane onto other. It becomes more challenging and exciting as the most likely time when these two flights will be closest will be when Ahmedabad-onwards flight would be descending and Pune-onwards flight would be ascending. Though this won’t be at 32,000 feet, it would be somewhere in morning clouds over Ambavad! Sounds exciting? Wanna join? 😛

Jokes apart, it is really sad to see such stupid mistake from Cleartrip. With all these millions of dollars spent into making these travel engines, more millions in marketing this engine, and what you get is such stupid miss. Not that it will make them lose their business, but certainly gives them a bad name. And yes, also gives me a good laugh thinking how it would be to make this return trip successful 🙂


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It has been a long hiatus from blogging. Have had several things to blog about – movies, books, interesting people and encounters and also loads of travel. I almost always had blog posts ready in my mind, but nothing could make it to blog, purely owing to procrastination from my side. So it’s perfectly fitting that what I am blogging about after this long is procrastination itself.

Recently I read this interesting article about procrastination. From stating that “Procrastination is basic human impulse” to identifying “divided and competing selves of same individual” as key reason for procrastination, this article goes into in-depth scientific analysis of why people procrastinate and what can one learn about procrastinator’s mindset by studying this behaviour. The overall tone is that procrastination is a vice, and it is definitely the most common ‘weakness’ for all candidates filling personal details section of any job/education application. But more I think of it, I feel it’s not all that bad, and that it has some positives also.

Though I have intently tried not to, I myself have been in the shoes of procrastinator often, especially off-late after I have done my MBA and supposedly have a more evolved thought-process 🙂 . I don’t think it’s just coincidence, rather I feel it has a lot to do with the tendency of adjusting to unfolding information and managing things as they come.

Let’s first agree that procrastination is not shirking work. Procrastinator is a rational person who genuinely intends to do the task, but always finds a valid reason to postpone it to a later date. He is not avoiding responsibility but instead is always intelligently and dynamically prioritizing other important tasks over the one he is procrastinating. He is not just simply making excuses every time he is not doing the task, but instead is generating more and more options of optimally utilizing the available resources. He is not taking losses when he does not do the task, instead he is on the fly creating newer and newer scenarios of doing the same task on a later date and still achieving the optimal result out of it. He is continuously doing the cost-benefit analysis of utilizing the available time for the task and impact it will have in the larger scheme of affairs. And the rational fellow he is, he ends up finding reasons – mind it, very valid and creative reasons – of not doing the task at that moment.

When one procrastinates, he is actually intelligently evaluating option of doing thing now or later – a process which indicates the evolved thought-process that one not only possesses, but also applies in daily life. Procrastinator is not in a military setup where all that he has to do is blindly follow orders; he is not slave of any mechanized setting where something has to be done only in a specified way, in pre-decided time duration and at the standardized time. Instead he is always pushing his rational thinking, his creativity, his analytical thinking process and his intellect in general to newer limits. He is mastering the art of prioritizing things on the fly based on the continuous inputs that he is getting from universe!

So all those who are still identifying procrastination as their weakness, you guys need a serious rethink and introspection; and appreciate the incredible service procrastination has been doing towards evolution of human beings!!! World needs to wake up to procrastination that is the being a critical stimulus for human creativity to flourish… and is continuously allowing more critical and important tasks to be done before the less important ones, so that this world can be a better place sooner than one is thinking it can be!!! 🙂

Image Credits: fopaws.com, glasbergen.com


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I wanted to write this post some 3 months back, but it never happened. It’s about one of the most melodious song I have heard in recent times – ‘Rehna Tu’ from Dilli 6. Today I saw its video on YouTube, and that made me finally write this post.

There are two things about this song which makes me write about the song even after more than 3 months of its release, in which it topped the charts and and made way for newer releases (It’s a timeless masterpiece of art, but then slots on top-10 charts are commercial things with their own shelf-lives).

So I start with good thing first – the song is another gem from Rahman, but still stands out of his amazing treasure of music. Unlike the other Rahman songs which grow on you with time, this song hits the chord at first go. I had got the audio of Dilli 6 on day of its release, and this song simply refused to step out of mind and heart. It had stirred some strings somewhere in my mind, or heart, or wherever and continues to do so even today. Apart from the melodious music, Prasoon Joshi lyrics sweep you off the feet. For all those who say that song should have rhyming words, listen to this song. With lines that go –

Haath tham chalna ho, to dono ke daaye haath sang kaise…

Ek daya hoga, Ek baya hoga…

Tham lo, haath yeh tham lo… chalna hai sang, tham lo…

all myths about the rhyme pouring magic in the words go bust. More than how they sound off your ear-drums in a sequence, it is the thought that they convey which touches the heart.

And this song once again proves that Rahman is a greedy guy. He always sings the best composition in the album himself, and I thank God for this selfishness of Rahman – for I doubt if anybody would have come even 1% closer to him. Because he does not just gives voice to the melody, but adds all the world’s beauty to it.

Last time when Rahman, Prasoon Joshi and Rakesh Omprakash Mehra had come together, we had got ‘Rang De Basanti’. Along with several other things worth dying for in that movie, the delicate on-screen depiction of songs like ‘Lukka Chuppi’ and ‘Tu Bin Bataye’ had left me in complete awe and admiration for the director. So when I heard ‘Rehna Tu’, and saw ravishing Sonam Kapoor in promos, I was sure this song has got more pleasure to give to me when I watch it on screen. Seldom have I had built up so much excitement for watching a song in a movie based just on the audio of song.

And when the song actually appeared in movie, I could not believe what I was seeing. I think Mehra must have doped marijuana or cocaine or something even worse when he thought about picturing this song that instead of beautiful Sonam, he filmed this song with Rishi Kapoor chewing paan and showing off his antics on pool table! Prasoon Joshi’s wife must have tied him to his chair so that he does not jump off his balcony after seeing Delhi beggars and poor homeless people sleeping on footpath and so on for one of his most romantic creation. For those who haven’t been tortured by this horrible choice of setting for the song, here is the video (bad audio quality is regretted):

No offence about the love for one’s city and birthplace, but there was this entire movie and a proper song ‘Yeh Dilli Hai Meri Jaan’ to vent out all that long-buried love. Mehra had no right to spoil the tenderness of this marvelous romance in the song this way. I would have been okay even if this song was filmed in Switzerland or Mauritius or Film City gardens in Goregaon with Sonam and Abhishek dancing disco around flowers and trees, but please no Rishi Kapoor roaming empty Delhi night streets and playing pool. I will never forgive Mehra for ruthlessly killing the gentle, warm and simple feeling of undying trust, faith and love in the song! 😦

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‘Wait’ is a ‘four-lettered’ word.

Like the other four-lettered word beginning with F of ‘Four’ (and also of ‘Five’), it may often be accompanied by pain. But one loves that pain, like the masochists who likes to inflict pain upon oneself. May be pain is at times sweet and bitter, leaving you with a good taste at the end.

But then there are other three-lettered words which claim themselves to be four-lettered, making them proudly indecipherable, and proving that it is not only humans of flesh and bones and water and air (not fart – another four-lettered one beginning with F of ‘Four’ and also ‘Five’, but not the one referred to in previous paragraph) who love to take pride at strangest possible things. Plain simple words made of curves and lines and gaps are no less. ‘Wait’ – though actually a normal four-lettered one, often boundaries on this wrong side of indecipherability. I will tell you how.

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘wait’?

Cuckoo shouting mindlessly in its wait for showers; an old desperate farmer standing on a parched broken land waiting for cuckoo to shout and bring rain; a tired Mumbaikar waiting for 7:04pm local at CST to crush himself into it, and his wife and kids waiting for him at home to see him back home safe and one-piece; hapless bowlers and slip fielders waiting for one mistake from Sehwag or God Sachin for the whole day; a struggling model waiting for his/her first break; a restless school kid waiting for his mathematics class to get over so that he can escape the next question from his teacher; a ‘mad-in-love’ boyfriend standing for hours in sun outside his girlfriend’s classroom waiting for the class to get over so that the two can have time together; and so on…

We always ‘wait for’ – wait for something, either tangible or intangible!

How about waiting not for anything, but simply waiting? Something like ‘Hum intezaar karenge qayamat tak’ :). Not for anything, but just for the heck of it. Wait for waiting. When the outcome does not matter, and you care a damn about it! You wait, because you know it’s the right thing to do… You wait, because that’s what you like to do… You wait, well… simply because you want to … and cannot do anything else! How that wait will be? Is this what they call eternal wait? Something which simply does not have a purpose; or something which will never end, because it is simply not for anything that is possible! Totally insane for others, totally indecipherable for everyone else than the wait itself!

Yes, I am now 100% sure that ‘WAIT’ is although not a three-lettered word, but still it is a four-lettered word like the three-lettered ones who think they are four-lettered but they are not; and they give a damn about it!


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My laptop got infected by a virus yesterday which resulted in formating of hard discs and re-installation of OS. Thankfully I could backup my data and nothing was lost, except for the whole night’s sleep.

But one good thing happened in all this jugglery of moving data from one place to other. As I cleaned up my system, I found some really funny pictures we had taken in our trip to Coorg in July 2007. I was with Yahoo! then and this was team outing. There was a school near the place where we were put up. And there were amazing drawings on the walls of classrooms. Here goes the first one:

Solar System

Solar System

What better way there can be to fire imagination of small school kids about stars and planets.:)  Artist must have been really a creative person. And just imagine how wonderful it will be when all planets line up in a straight row. While it wont matter much to Mercury, Venus and Earth will have partial solar eclipse, and Mars will surely be in dark. And once huge Juptier comes in between, all planets beyond it stand no chance of seeing any ray of light, literally 🙂

How beautiful it would be to learn about eclipse by applying such creativity. I am sure kids would never forget how an eclipse occurs and size and order of planets if they are made to do this analysis.

Next was turn of great leaders of the country to go under brush of creative genious. Gandhi and Ambedkar

Though there is not much scope of creativity in imagining how Gandhi and Ambedkar looked like (as we have real motion films and pictures of these leaders), but an artist is free to imagine how their expressions would have been when they discussed the Poona Pact, or deliberated about country and people in general. It will be so easy for school kids ot actually relate to historical events because now they have glimpse of actual emotions of these great heroes of nation and have a personal connect with them. Right?

And finally, here is a pic of an ardent lover of art and creativity appreciating the unbridled and unexplored creativity at the grassroots level 🙂

Abstract Art

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2 nights back I watched the movie “”Dev D””. After a long time I had built up such anticipation for a movie, expectations were high, and the movie kept the promise. Abhay Deol had already won all my admiration in Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye, and in this one, admiration turned into respect when I read in the credits of the movie following credit – “Concept – Abhay Deol”! He is certainly here for a long and a truly memorable and pleasing innings.

7401_devd1 dev-d

“Dev D”, like the other versions of classic novel of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, is a celebration of destruction. But it is substantially different from the actual novel plot. The very fact that the story has been pulled out of the artistic, royal and smooth round world of Bengal to dusty, rough and “I-care-a-damn” Delhi itself is such a revolution. Unlike the original one, there is no loud melodrama, no rona-dhona, and the biggest shift is that Devdas is destroyed not by the failed love, but by fallen ego and insane lust. What is common is that in both – Devdas is the loser!

Many of my friends didn’t like “Dev D” and left theatres in between the movie. I had expected this reaction to the movie because “Dev D” is a hard slap in the face to the conventional goody-goody cinema. Here the hero is not a larger-than-life character, he is not a “Maryada Purushottam”; he is just a loser celebrating his own destruction. As it is in the original Devdas, you don’t know whether the love is pure, and neither do all the forces of destiny go against it. No character generates any sympathy or pity, and all 3 protagonists (Devdas, Paro and Chandramukhi) are there living lives of their own making. Devdas is not eaten hollow by the parasite of guilt and remorse; in fact there is no regret whatsoever. What causes his destruction is the love failed by egos, and resulting revenges.

What makes “Dev D” contemporary is the confusion of “Dev D”. Never does he know what he wants from life; he never understands love. Lust and ego – and not love – blinds the sight and mind of the hero. Neither do you see Paro doing a Sati-Savitri act; and is driven by revenge. Chanda actually remains closest to the original plot and is possibly all about sacrifice and true love. Chunni babu has his own selfish reasons and motivations in celebrating the destruction. All these characters are very practical and humane, and take the plot from Devdas to “Dev D”.

“Dev D” is a piece of art. From its music (not only the Emosanal Atyachar, but aankh michouli, pardesi and many more songs) to its cinematography and its performances, everything seems to be so rightly in sync. Abhay has again gotten into the character and made it come alive, and both girls also do equal justice to the character. With this movie, Anurag Kashyap has taken Bollywood filmmaking to a new height. “Dev D” is an amazingly creative and satirical spoof on the original plot. It is a beautiful way to look at what loser Devdas was. It is certainly a must watch. If nothing else, go and watch it for the “Emosanal Atyachar” – and I guarantee you would be entertained.

So where do we go from here then? Should I expect a behind-the-curtains version of Devdas titled “Bevdi”? 🙂

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Creativity knows no bounds. And its applications are also unimaginable. Tonight I landed up in the Spam folder of my mailbox and got a taste of really amazing applicaitons of creativity. Presenting here are few of them:

But before I begin, here is the sensitivity disclaimer: This post is only for Mature adults. I have tried my best to retain the originality of content, which might get a bit too graphical for a sensitive soul. Apologies in advance :-).

So here we go….

1) A girl named Jenny mails me with this matter:
“Hi there,
One of your friends told me about you. My name is Amy and I live in the same town as you. Your friend told me you are single for now and I thought you are available for a chat. Feel free to contact me via my Blog because this is my Sister email address.
Sweet kisses,

I am going to thank for lifetime this unknown friend of mine who has done such a life-saving act to me. A friend in need is friend indeed! 🙂

2) This one goes with just one single line –
“Upsize your manhood! ”
Man, what a sweeping statement! This guy certainly seems to be deriving a lot of inspiration from the current economic turmoil where many downsizing (or being politically correct – right-sizing) is happening. Manhood has to be upsized in such times! Come what may!

And he follows it up with another mail with populist message – “Become women’s idol”
Now if you are doing such great things to manhood, one ought to become women’s idol. God knows what all uses this idol will be put through 🙂

3) Sergey Setegreu is offering me 60% discount in its subject line. Tempting offer, isn’t it? Promptly I go to mail to find whats on offer and read this:
“Make her long for you every night.
No clue about what is being discounted here 60%. But notice the url. I really respect Sergey. He must be from WHO or Govt’s family planning dept., doing this great work for the humanity. May be now we can make a guess about what is being discounted here.

4) Ryan’s pharmacy seems to be really interesting people to talk to. First they send me a mail with subject:
“Never be small and tiny again”.
And then immediately follow it up with another one with subject:
“So big that she will be scared”.
Now what do we make of this now? Girl first walks out of bedroom because it’s small and tiny; and then after this guy has had this supernatural thing from Ryan’s, when girl returns back, she runs away again getting scared???

5) And the Nobel prize for creative spamming goes to this mail from Zachary Mason:
Subject is – “A key to her bedroom is in your pants!!!”
And not to let you down, he follows up with a mail saying
“With these new measurements of your manliness you will dance in the sheets tll dawn”
Wattay! I am speechless!

And yes, before I close, one last one (could not resist mentioning this one)
Deesh writes to me – “Make your pants dragon huge and rock hard”


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