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Where To?

If you dont know where you are going, any road will take you there.
And if you know where you are heading to, you will always make or find a way to it.
In any case, you will reach the destination. You dont have much choice there.
All you need to do is to choose the right destination!


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Colours of Life

Tender heart, tender thought,
Big big eyes, not piercing, but curious a lot.
From my mother’s arms, I saw with zero emotion,
Flowers abound, and a butterfly in motion.
Were they of flowers numerous, or of wings that on them danced,
Whatever they were, I learnt, colours were they called.
And I had no clue ever what they meant.

Slender hand, slender deed,
Big big moves, curious now, but with no greed.
No, not emotion yet, but yes, a bit of ambition,
Standing on my feet, limbs now got in action.
I ran after the butterfly sucking nectar of that flower,
Quicker, sharp as I was here, smarter enough were the wings over there.
But deeds were mine, and I was a human,
Netted finally did I those colours!
But tender still were the beats of heart,
And butterfly was back in sky.
And as I waived it a good-bye,
Lines of palm found new shades near-by.
Listless still, I knew not what the truths were and what were the lies,
Of colours on my hand and of wings up there in skies.

Grander expectations, grander goals,
Big big ego, yours, mine and of all souls.
No more flowers, no more butterflies,
Eagle here, eagle there, eagle me up there in the skies.
Higher the ascent, wider the wing-spread,
Bigger were the flowers under my shade.
Colours of flowers still holding, nectar sweet still flowing,
Was that my deed? No, I know not!
But ahead of the sun, I found a new set of shades now,
Magnificent more, and arranged, rainbow arched all colours.
Higher went my flight, to touch and feel them,
Oblivious still, although, of what those colours meant!

Cooler blood, cooler fist,
Big big breathes, spilling the entire gist.
Beyond the rainbow, on the path of retreat never,
Was that my heart, or my tail on fire?
The closer I was of the burning ball, view got only better,
Colour all came together, blend formed they a stronger.
And they were all one, colours now nowhere,
One WHITE it was, clean, pious, spotless and pure!
Mindless again, I knew not an iota again,
But knew I that it was a colour again!

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