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Entrepreneurship is really fun.

For last 2 months or so, I have been breaking my bald head on devising the right pitch to get an Angle investor interested in my entrepreneurial venture. (An Angel investor is a guy who funds a business in its early stage, when the business is more of an idea, a value proposition that any value actually being delivered.)

Records say that the much-sought after angels are actually like real angels, very rare to find. Even if you get hold of one, its more difficult to convince them.

Every entrepreneur feels he is smarter than Sergey Bin/Larry Page and his company is the Google-killer everybody is so dearly waiting for. I also fall in this category. But point to note that 1 out of 10 such believers actually manages to see the belief through to the end and strike gold.

With this in mind for last 2-3 months, today when I was just surfing a blog on Salma Hayek’s movies, I came across her movie titled “Fools Rush In”, which is based on the popular phrase “Where Angels fear to tread, Fools rush in“. Next moment I was ROTFL. 🙂

I better find an Angel for my business soon!


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