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Piracy is a grave problem in the new-age technology world. And when it comes to online gaming, it becomes much more troublesome. Yesterday at PuneOpenCoffeeClub, I attended a session by founder of www.Games2win.com – Mr. Alok Kejriwal. He has tackled this menace in an amazingly smart way. He has made this piracy work to his benefit.

Games2win.com has come up with invisible ads which they term Inviziads. These ads do not show up when the game is being played on www.Games2win.com. However the moment this game is stolen and put up on some other pirate site, these ads become active. Ads detects that the URL of the game is not the original one (i.e. of Games2win.com) and hence the ads become visible. Alok says that within hours of him putting up a new game on site, it gets copied on thousands of sites, and this provides him with a fantastic distribution network for Inviziads. Not only these ads are bringing loads of traffic back to www.Games2win.com, he is already selling these ads for a good profit.

Quite an intelligent way to use piracy for own advantage, isn’t it?


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