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My laptop got infected by a virus yesterday which resulted in formating of hard discs and re-installation of OS. Thankfully I could backup my data and nothing was lost, except for the whole night’s sleep.

But one good thing happened in all this jugglery of moving data from one place to other. As I cleaned up my system, I found some really funny pictures we had taken in our trip to Coorg in July 2007. I was with Yahoo! then and this was team outing. There was a school near the place where we were put up. And there were amazing drawings on the walls of classrooms. Here goes the first one:

Solar System

Solar System

What better way there can be to fire imagination of small school kids about stars and planets.:)  Artist must have been really a creative person. And just imagine how wonderful it will be when all planets line up in a straight row. While it wont matter much to Mercury, Venus and Earth will have partial solar eclipse, and Mars will surely be in dark. And once huge Juptier comes in between, all planets beyond it stand no chance of seeing any ray of light, literally 🙂

How beautiful it would be to learn about eclipse by applying such creativity. I am sure kids would never forget how an eclipse occurs and size and order of planets if they are made to do this analysis.

Next was turn of great leaders of the country to go under brush of creative genious. Gandhi and Ambedkar

Though there is not much scope of creativity in imagining how Gandhi and Ambedkar looked like (as we have real motion films and pictures of these leaders), but an artist is free to imagine how their expressions would have been when they discussed the Poona Pact, or deliberated about country and people in general. It will be so easy for school kids ot actually relate to historical events because now they have glimpse of actual emotions of these great heroes of nation and have a personal connect with them. Right?

And finally, here is a pic of an ardent lover of art and creativity appreciating the unbridled and unexplored creativity at the grassroots level 🙂

Abstract Art


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