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I might not have exactly grown up listening to Moh. Rafi singing his heart out in the melody “Hum Intezar Karenge Tera Qayamat Tak”; but have seen enough love stories over years which startled me with the extent lovers went waiting for their True Love. Some took many more births and re-births, some even in form of crazy-looking serpents and what not; but they (lovers) surely either waited or came back for their love.

As life has unfolded and is unfolding in front me, I often feel and have felt that this melodrama is not what it means to wait for Love.

When it comes to this seemingly endless wait, noting spells the magic like the song “Tere Ishq Me” from the Gulzar – Vishal Bharadwaj album “Ishqa-Ishqa”. Sung by Rekha Bharadwaj, it touches you somewhere deep within. I always felt Gulzar sahab’s lyrics and Rekha’s heavy voice rubs you on the rough painful side of the heart where the wait is always endless. Lyrics which goes like:

Raakh se rukhi, koyale se kaali

Raat kate na, hijraan wali

at once makes you feel that the wait has suck out each and every sign of life from the waiting soul. It continues as:

Teri justajoo karte rahe, marte rahe…

Tere roobaroo bethe hue, marte rahe…

Tere roobaroo, teri justajo, Tere ishq mein, haye Tere ishq mein…

Badal dhune, mausam bune, sadiyaan gini, lamhe chune,

Kuch garm the, kuch gungune…

Tere ishq mein…

I always felt that this is a song about agony of waiting for your true love. It fills you up with the anguish of an eternal wait. All that the waiting soul is left with is despair and misery, and a weak hope. And the person clings to that straw of hope to tide across the ocean of pain and grief.

This is followed by the next stanza which, I felt, portrayed the triviality of this everlasting wait in front of the vast powers of nature. It seemed like no one in this whole world did really care for the waiter’s misery, and left him with his gloom in the chilling loneliness. Days came and days went, but they hardly did anything more than just noticing the poor guy sitting and waiting in despair, fighting against hope, and sulking deeper into his own ravine of hollowness.

tere ishq mein –  tanhaiyaan,

hamane bahut, bahalaiyaan –  tanhaiyaan,

rooh se kabhi, manawaiyaan

tanhaiyaan –  tere ishq mein

mujhe toh kar, koi din gaya

mujhe chhed kar, koyi shab gayi

mainne rakh li saari aahatein

kab aayi thi, shab kab gayi

tere ishq mein, kab din gaya

shab kab gayi, tere ishq mein

A few days back, I got to see the video of this song. And I realized how wrong I was!

The more I try to understand Gulzar sahib, the more thoughtful and profound he becomes. As I watched the video, each agonizing wait finally culminated into an illuminated glow, which took away all the pain and misery, and replaced it with deep solace. <Please check out the video below at this moment to find what’s being talked here, and appreciate the remaining post>

The above lines, which I felt were of despondency and despair, I realized were actually that of firm resolve and divine joy and satisfaction.

Instead of triviality, it actually speaks of victory of this simple deed of wait over the infinite powers of nature. Sitting there, the soul in waiting has actually tamed the nature by moving beyond the day and night, and reaching a state where it no longer mattered to him.

He has taken out ‘expectations’ from wait, and what remains now is pure bliss of selfless wait for true love.

The objective of wait is no longer to achieve anything, but to just remain true and honest to your own heart, which beats for the true love even when it is gone, when reason tells you that it is never going to return, and your heart says – how does it matter? My love was, and is, true; and I will remain true to it – and find tranquility in the journey of wait, than its destination.


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