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It has been a long hiatus from blogging. Have had several things to blog about – movies, books, interesting people and encounters and also loads of travel. I almost always had blog posts ready in my mind, but nothing could make it to blog, purely owing to procrastination from my side. So it’s perfectly fitting that what I am blogging about after this long is procrastination itself.

Recently I read this interesting article about procrastination. From stating that “Procrastination is basic human impulse” to identifying “divided and competing selves of same individual” as key reason for procrastination, this article goes into in-depth scientific analysis of why people procrastinate and what can one learn about procrastinator’s mindset by studying this behaviour. The overall tone is that procrastination is a vice, and it is definitely the most common ‘weakness’ for all candidates filling personal details section of any job/education application. But more I think of it, I feel it’s not all that bad, and that it has some positives also.

Though I have intently tried not to, I myself have been in the shoes of procrastinator often, especially off-late after I have done my MBA and supposedly have a more evolved thought-process 🙂 . I don’t think it’s just coincidence, rather I feel it has a lot to do with the tendency of adjusting to unfolding information and managing things as they come.

Let’s first agree that procrastination is not shirking work. Procrastinator is a rational person who genuinely intends to do the task, but always finds a valid reason to postpone it to a later date. He is not avoiding responsibility but instead is always intelligently and dynamically prioritizing other important tasks over the one he is procrastinating. He is not just simply making excuses every time he is not doing the task, but instead is generating more and more options of optimally utilizing the available resources. He is not taking losses when he does not do the task, instead he is on the fly creating newer and newer scenarios of doing the same task on a later date and still achieving the optimal result out of it. He is continuously doing the cost-benefit analysis of utilizing the available time for the task and impact it will have in the larger scheme of affairs. And the rational fellow he is, he ends up finding reasons – mind it, very valid and creative reasons – of not doing the task at that moment.

When one procrastinates, he is actually intelligently evaluating option of doing thing now or later – a process which indicates the evolved thought-process that one not only possesses, but also applies in daily life. Procrastinator is not in a military setup where all that he has to do is blindly follow orders; he is not slave of any mechanized setting where something has to be done only in a specified way, in pre-decided time duration and at the standardized time. Instead he is always pushing his rational thinking, his creativity, his analytical thinking process and his intellect in general to newer limits. He is mastering the art of prioritizing things on the fly based on the continuous inputs that he is getting from universe!

So all those who are still identifying procrastination as their weakness, you guys need a serious rethink and introspection; and appreciate the incredible service procrastination has been doing towards evolution of human beings!!! World needs to wake up to procrastination that is the being a critical stimulus for human creativity to flourish… and is continuously allowing more critical and important tasks to be done before the less important ones, so that this world can be a better place sooner than one is thinking it can be!!! 🙂

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