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I am often told that things in life will happen at its own pace, you need to give it the time it takes. I am often asked not to hurry, life has a definite plan for you and it will unfold according to that… everything has got a time, and one needs to wait for that.

I ask, whats the point?

In long run, everything is always okay, everything always gets normalized, nothing matters in a long run. If things are anyway going to happen as per their plan, whats use of being a spectator alone… if all that you can do is witness, if all that you are doing is acting out somebody else’s plan, whats the point in being!

Either perform or perish! Either get what you want in the way you want to achieve it, or just be a dumb actor on this stage enacting somebody else’s script!

… but then there are certain things which are simply out of your control. A few things which you can only wish for, which you can only desire for… and hope destiny considers your plea and grants them to you. These are things which you want dearly, but are outside your control. One may want to take control of everything thats instrumental in fulfilling your wish, but then if that means diluting the wish itself, the final outcome itself, then again… whats the point!

<Sigh>… <Deep Sigh>

A young lad who had just cleared his 10th std examination with flying colours received a birthday card from his elder brother, which had this wish for the young soul — “May you be strong enough to achieve all that you should, and wise enough to accept what you cannot” … At that young tender age, he didn’t realize the gravity, but now he feels may be this is what it means… … more than achieving all that you want, I guess its important first to understand what all things are in your control, and then worry about achieving them.

May I be strong enough to have that control, and also wise enough to understand what I can and what I cannot control!



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Mr. Narayan Murthy has written a book titled “A better India: A better world”. It is a collection of his speeches where he talks about values that shaped his life, his thinking. I had read the pre-commencement speech by Mr. Murthy at NYU Stern School of Business which also talked about events which shaped the journey of Infosys, and Mr. Murthy as we see today. He mentions about an incident where he had to spend 3 days in jail and starve for 4 and half days in strange country of Bulgaria; all this for allegedly sounding communist while he was having a casual chat with his fellow passenger – a small girl. This event totally changed his view from being a confused Leftist into a determined, compassionate capitalist as we see him today.

A year back when I was pumping myself with inspiration from all possible sources for the entrepreneurial journey, I had read several more of such stories, from well known college dropout heroes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, or lesser known guys like my colleague at an IT firm who is successfully chasing his dream of running a small company making dairy products in his hometown. I also spoke with many fellow, all-charged up entrepreneurs; some surviving, some rolling, and many more in anticipation of getting deserving payouts for their efforts. These guys have been a continuous source of inspiration for me, as much as those biggies mentioned earlier. Also, I have seen/heard about guys who gave their best shot but circumstances or destiny or whatever didn’t work in their favour, and they had to go back to more civilian life of being employed with someone else’s entrepreneurial venture.

With all of above, I see a common thread – everyone was possessed with some passion, some ambition in their lives which made them take the big leap of jumping in entrepreneurial fire and kept them guiding throughout the journey. Also there have been many such incidents like the Bulgarian adventure of N. Murthy which had impact on not only their professional venture and business acumen, but also shaped the personality that they are beyond their business life. They all had these years of wilderness which took them through a roller-coaster ride with intense emotions spanning unbelievable range and gamut. Whether they succeeded in their business or not was outcome of many other factors external to their control, but all of them must surely have had come out as a better person with certainly more interesting lives.

I am sure – these are my years of wilderness!

And I am already witnessing with awe and gratitude things life has been throwing at me and making me give it back. Over last 3-4 months there have been so many emotions I have been through, all to extremes. From hopelessness, defeat, loss of direction to being so intensely driven that I myself have been the biggest source of inspiration for me. Of course watching ‘Guru‘ and ‘Lakshya‘ multiple times also deserve their reasonable share of credit, besides speaking to numerous unknown entrepreneurs and listening to their stories. There have been bouts of gloom, despair which resulted in many sleepless nights and sad mornings; but those long walks alone in anonymity of concrete jungle helped me regroup my thoughts and have pushed me back in the fighting ring. Quotes like “the lure of quitting will be greatest when you are a corner away from succeeding” do have impact on a mind and heart grappling in dark seas of uncertainty and on verge of giving up. Personal life also hasn’t failed me in this roller-coaster ride.  It kept me entertained with flares of hopes of cozy comfortable happy future, reminiscent of past times – both good and bad, heartfelt carvings for certain friends who got too busy and lost in the chores of routine life and also fighting hard to cajole self out of the immense sense of loss of certain intangible called luck.

I am sure these are my years of wilderness. These are jungles which many have crossed, but thankfully did not bother to leave landmarks and signboards, making this journey of mine and the curious lessons learnt worth the every next moment of uncertainty.

At this moment I am remembered of lines from prelude of one of my favourite songs ‘Bahon Ke Darmiyan’ from Khamoshi –  “Magar woh jindagi hi kya, jisme koi namumkin sapna na ho!

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