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Creativity knows no bounds. And its applications are also unimaginable. Tonight I landed up in the Spam folder of my mailbox and got a taste of really amazing applicaitons of creativity. Presenting here are few of them:

But before I begin, here is the sensitivity disclaimer: This post is only for Mature adults. I have tried my best to retain the originality of content, which might get a bit too graphical for a sensitive soul. Apologies in advance :-).

So here we go….

1) A girl named Jenny mails me with this matter:
“Hi there,
One of your friends told me about you. My name is Amy and I live in the same town as you. Your friend told me you are single for now and I thought you are available for a chat. Feel free to contact me via my Blog because this is my Sister email address.
Sweet kisses,

I am going to thank for lifetime this unknown friend of mine who has done such a life-saving act to me. A friend in need is friend indeed! 🙂

2) This one goes with just one single line –
“Upsize your manhood! ”
Man, what a sweeping statement! This guy certainly seems to be deriving a lot of inspiration from the current economic turmoil where many downsizing (or being politically correct – right-sizing) is happening. Manhood has to be upsized in such times! Come what may!

And he follows it up with another mail with populist message – “Become women’s idol”
Now if you are doing such great things to manhood, one ought to become women’s idol. God knows what all uses this idol will be put through 🙂

3) Sergey Setegreu is offering me 60% discount in its subject line. Tempting offer, isn’t it? Promptly I go to mail to find whats on offer and read this:
“Make her long for you every night.
No clue about what is being discounted here 60%. But notice the url. I really respect Sergey. He must be from WHO or Govt’s family planning dept., doing this great work for the humanity. May be now we can make a guess about what is being discounted here.

4) Ryan’s pharmacy seems to be really interesting people to talk to. First they send me a mail with subject:
“Never be small and tiny again”.
And then immediately follow it up with another one with subject:
“So big that she will be scared”.
Now what do we make of this now? Girl first walks out of bedroom because it’s small and tiny; and then after this guy has had this supernatural thing from Ryan’s, when girl returns back, she runs away again getting scared???

5) And the Nobel prize for creative spamming goes to this mail from Zachary Mason:
Subject is – “A key to her bedroom is in your pants!!!”
And not to let you down, he follows up with a mail saying
“With these new measurements of your manliness you will dance in the sheets tll dawn”
Wattay! I am speechless!

And yes, before I close, one last one (could not resist mentioning this one)
Deesh writes to me – “Make your pants dragon huge and rock hard”



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