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Entrepreneurship is doing funny things to me. Its more than a year that I have actually jumped into the mysterious waters of entrepreneurship, and the way things have gone and are going, I am faced with a question of “Is there any difference between Entrepreneur and Businessman?” What sets these two apart from each other?

Instead of simply searching for an answer on internet, today I had kept this question as my GTalk nick and got some really interesting replies. Basic premise for almost all the replies was that “Innovation sets entrepreneurship apart from business”. ¬†Entrepreneurs are driven by passion for their concept whereas profit motives drive a businessman. Businessman works under the liability of making profits so that s/he can sustain the business; whereas entrepreneur might simply be chasing his/her dream. Businessman will always ensure that all his/her investment will fetch the suitable returns and hence will always try to play as safe as s/he can; whereas entrepreneur by nature will be a risk-taking gambler.

Here are a few interesting comments I received over the day –

“Entrepreneur has usually fallen in love with the project/business …same may not be case with the Businessman”

“Entrepreneur loves what he is doing… he seek a purpose in doing what he is doing… businessman may be just in it because that’s the way he knows to work”

“Act of creation separates entrepreneurs from businessman”

“Entrepreneur is a businessman under a capitalistic framework and a people’s leader under socialistic framework”

Taking a clue from the last comment, I feel while a businessman is more of an opportunistic in capitalist structure, entrepreneur goes a step ahead and becomes the value-adding element of socialist structure. A businessman finds his/her place in the value-chain of the industry, and keeps running after the margins; whereas an entrepreneur will add a new value to the chain, or simply disrupt it altogether by his/her innovation and create a new business, a new value-chain out of it. While entrepreneur will expect monetary gains out of the venture, that need not be his/her sole aim.

I will sum it up with this Apple advertisement of “think different” which though not particularly made for entrepreneurs, speaks a lot about it. Entrepreneur is the guy who has no respect for the status-quo. They are the crazy guys who believe they can change the world!

What is your take?


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