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‘Wait’ is a ‘four-lettered’ word.

Like the other four-lettered word beginning with F of ‘Four’ (and also of ‘Five’), it may often be accompanied by pain. But one loves that pain, like the masochists who likes to inflict pain upon oneself. May be pain is at times sweet and bitter, leaving you with a good taste at the end.

But then there are other three-lettered words which claim themselves to be four-lettered, making them proudly indecipherable, and proving that it is not only humans of flesh and bones and water and air (not fart – another four-lettered one beginning with F of ‘Four’ and also ‘Five’, but not the one referred to in previous paragraph) who love to take pride at strangest possible things. Plain simple words made of curves and lines and gaps are no less. ‘Wait’ – though actually a normal four-lettered one, often boundaries on this wrong side of indecipherability. I will tell you how.

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘wait’?

Cuckoo shouting mindlessly in its wait for showers; an old desperate farmer standing on a parched broken land waiting for cuckoo to shout and bring rain; a tired Mumbaikar waiting for 7:04pm local at CST to crush himself into it, and his wife and kids waiting for him at home to see him back home safe and one-piece; hapless bowlers and slip fielders waiting for one mistake from Sehwag or God Sachin for the whole day; a struggling model waiting for his/her first break; a restless school kid waiting for his mathematics class to get over so that he can escape the next question from his teacher; a ‘mad-in-love’ boyfriend standing for hours in sun outside his girlfriend’s classroom waiting for the class to get over so that the two can have time together; and so on…

We always ‘wait for’ – wait for something, either tangible or intangible!

How about waiting not for anything, but simply waiting? Something like ‘Hum intezaar karenge qayamat tak’ :). Not for anything, but just for the heck of it. Wait for waiting. When the outcome does not matter, and you care a damn about it! You wait, because you know it’s the right thing to do… You wait, because that’s what you like to do… You wait, well… simply because you want to … and cannot do anything else! How that wait will be? Is this what they call eternal wait? Something which simply does not have a purpose; or something which will never end, because it is simply not for anything that is possible! Totally insane for others, totally indecipherable for everyone else than the wait itself!

Yes, I am now 100% sure that ‘WAIT’ is although not a three-lettered word, but still it is a four-lettered word like the three-lettered ones who think they are four-lettered but they are not; and they give a damn about it!



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